Wednesday, July 6, 2011


I probably should have taken pictures of Brigid and Steve planting the seeds for their now enormous tomato plants together, just so I could track where it all started...
But I didn't. I fail at Mommy 101: Take Pictures of EVERYTHING!!


Luckily, my husband is there to cover for my mistakes...

My favorite little gardener...never has one person been so proud of one tiny tomato.

She looks like she's playing that game with the orange peel teeth, doesn't she? I think she's really just chewing, though. Not exactly a lady, that one...

I...I don't even know. Tomatoes make teeth strong and pretty, maybe?

Yeah, we'll just go with that. Happy Wednesday!


  1. Oh how cute! That face is adorable!

    My now 6 year old used to pick the neighbor's tomatoes through the fence and eat them all the time when she was about Brigid's age.


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