Monday, July 11, 2011

Things we learned at King's Island...

Brigid loves the splash pad but hates the haunted house. She loves her Snoopy cup but is less than thrilled with the giant Lucy who wanders the park. Regular diapers are terrible when you wear them through water rides, but swim diapers do little to hold anything in outside of the water.

Changing multiple diapers in a wet swimsuit is not fun. At all.

Cincinnati summers may be less humid than Atlanta summers, but they're still pretty hot. Especially when you're running around an amusement park in the sun.

And blueberry ice cream with sprinkles really is the best thing ever. But in that hot sun?

Skip the cone, and stick with a cup/spoon instead. It's for the best, I promise.

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  1. So fun! My 6 year old was scared of Lucy at Cedar Point too! And blueberry ice cream sounds wonderful. Glad you had a good time, even with the wet diapers :)


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