Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I really, really, really wish you could all hear how well my formerly darling little girl has picked up the word 'no'. It's kind of hard to explain, without audio/visual aids, because it's not even 'no' that she says...it's some kind of southern 'no' and 'naw' hybrid that is absolutely always accompanied by a very firm headshake. Not an overly adamant headshake, mind you, just a very deliberate one.

It would be kind of funny, actually, if it weren't so darn obnoxious.

Me: Brigid, who's mommy's favorite baby?
Brigid: No (headshake). No (headshake). No (headshake).
Me: Mommy doesn't have a favorite baby?
Brigid: No (headshake).
Me: But I love you very much.
Brigid: No (headshake).
Brigid: No. No. (headshake, headshake).
Me: I do. And I'm going to kiss you to prove it!
Brigid: NO (headshake, followed by a full body contortion to pull herself out of my reach).
Me: You've become quite the little snot, you know that?
Brigid: No (headshake, smile).

I give up.

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