Wednesday, May 4, 2011

All by myself...

Steve is off conferencing in Memphis for work this week (Which apparently also translates into eating barbecue chicken nachos at Rendezvous, and then calling just to rub my nose in it a bit. Seriously, if you ever find yourself in Memphis? Go to Rendezvous and get the darn barbecue chicken nachos. I don't even like barbecue chicken, and those nachos are amazing. And now I'm hungry.), which means I am on my own with Brigid for a couple of nights. And, you know, no big deal or anything, I can totally handle it, right?

Yes, I absolutely handled it all right.

Right up until the point when I opened up the fridge to make B dinner, and she pulled a beer bottle out on top of herself. She may or may not be missing the slightest littlest bit of skin from right above her eye, where the bottle cap just grazed her as I pulled her out of the way.

That's both a parenting win and a parenting fail, all at the same time, huh? I am an over-achiever up in here.


  1. oh no...I bet you were more upset than she was...I promise not to call the authorities...ha!

  2. Aww! Poor you guys. But don't worry, Randi's right. You were more upset than she was. You had the SAME EXACT reaction I would have had!

    Enter my Nanny Styles Contest!


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