Thursday, May 19, 2011

It's not all bad...

I think I've spent most of this week complaining about the crazy toddler that has taken over our lives, but I'd hate to give you all the impression that it's nothing but seat kicking and conference call screaming.

Because you know what?

We have some pretty good times around here, too.

As long as B is well rested, anyway...

(Please note that all of these pictures were taken on the way out to Indiana, before Nana and Papa got their hands on the little miss, and wore her out completely, leaving me with that seat kicker I may have mentioned once or twice before...)


  1. Oh my goodness, yes, when my kids spend any time with Grammy & Gramps, we have to totally retrain Gabe to obey. Or even just behave like a normal little human instead of a monkey. I don't know what it is about grandparents... Oh, wait, yes I do. They spoil the kids ROTTEN. lol

    B is absolutely adorable! Where in the world did she get that blonde hair?

  2. She just looks so much like freakin cute!


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