Thursday, May 12, 2011

It's the little things...

Brigid has this book. It's called Walter, the Farting Dog. And it's about Walter, a dog who farts a lot. Sounds lovely, yes?

Now Brigid, she happens to be slightly obsessed with this book at the moment. Well, to be fair, she's obsessed with all books right now, as we seem to have entered that toddler stage wherein the toddler no longer wants to go to bed at the end of the day, no matter how tired she actually is. And instead of getting into her crib with the seventeen various buddies she sleeps with on a nightly basis, she'd rather read every. single. book. that's currently on her bookshelf. And as I had a baby shower where it was suggested that each guest bring a book to start the new baby's new library, that's a lot of books.

But Walter, he's special. Because Brigid will ask for him specifically, by blowing raspberries in the general direction of the book. When she gets up in the morning and sees the book on her side table? Raspberry. When he's still in the same spot as we start getting ready for bath/bedtime at the end of the day? Raspberry.

When you ask her what Walter says? Raspberry.

Seriously. My 19-month old daughter, who up until yesterday refused to say the word daddy, no matter how many times we asked her, has been making unsolicited fart sounds for two weeks now.

Obviously, we must be doing something right.

(Did I mention I'm not even sure how she learned this little habit? At one point, I thought Steve must be reading the book to her with sound effects, but he swears it wasn't him. Same with his mother. Brigid seems to have picked this up all on her own. Could somebody please tell me where I went wrong here?!?!)

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  1. Hahahaha! I'm pretty sure she's smart enough to have learned that all on her own. :) Have fun with that one!


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