Thursday, May 26, 2011

Date Night

Of course, Steve and I would have to be different. 

Do our date nights involve a nice dinner? 


Maybe we like to go to a movie of some sort? 


Perhaps we settle for a trip to Home Depot, and maybe a little Bed Bath & Beyond? But only if there's time?

Of course not.

We'll take a six-pack of beer, an open tailgate, and a field full of cars, thank you very much. Oh, and maybe a little live music, if that live music happens to be played by Jimmy Buffett.

(Last year, while searching the car for a bottle opener, Steve found a pumice stone/foot brush,which just kind of freaked us both out. This year, he came prepared, while I hadn't even given it a second thought. Nice to see that one of us can learn from our mistakes, anyway.)

(Our tailgates used to include a full day off of work, mixed drinks of the Jimmy Buffett varieties, a tent, a grill, a baby pool, furniture, various games, and several more people. Now that we're too old to want to coordinate anything anymore? It involves leaving work at the end of the day, picking up the aforementioned six-pack, and sitting in the back of the Durango for about an hour before the concert starts, by ourselves. With whatever else may be in the back of the Durango at the time. And in this case, that would be diapers. We are wild and crazy.

Of course, after all of this fun on a Tuesday night, I was beyond exhausted on Wednesday. But it was definitely worth it. For me, anyway.

Although, now that I think about it, this may be why Steve and I don't really do date night all that often...

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  1. sounds like the perfect date night to me...who needs dinner and a movie when you can have beer from the back of the car and a concert...I love it!!


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