Monday, April 14, 2014

Brigid Says...

Last week, in one of the nightly battles during our ongoing fight to get Brigid to sleep in her own bed, she came into our room around 2AM to tell me that she was scared. When I asked if she needed me to walk her back to her room, she said yes. About halfway down the hall, I realized she wasn't with me anymore. I went back to my room to find that she had waited for me to get out of bed, before climbing into my spot and going back to sleep.
Brigid spends most of her days lately pretending to be Princess Elsa from Frozen, creating imaginary snowstorms and ice skating rinks around the house. She runs from us in mock concern, crying 'Stay away! Don't touch me! I don't want to hurt you!', which is what Elsa says in the movie when she thinks her freezing powers are getting out of control. In the middle of one of these adventures a few days ago, Steve had the audacity to ask Brigid if she thought Elsa tooted icicles, to which Brigid replied with some heavy scorn, 'NO! Because she's a princess, and princesses DON'T TOOT!'
After school one day, Brigid told me, 'Mommy, I really need hot chocolate right now. For my head. My head hurts. So I need hot chocolate. With marshmallows.' Totally sounds legit, right? My argument that her head hurt because she just doesn't sleep through the night, EVER, was judged to be completely incorrect, and hot chocolate won the day.
For St. Patrick's Day, Steve made corned beef and cabbage, and we told Brigid it was chicken, because the only way we can get her to eat ANYTHING is to tell her that it's chicken. She loved it, but she wouldn't stop talking about the 'pink chicken' we'd eaten for dinner. All I could think about was how we were going to get a standing reputation as the salmonella house when she decided to tell her teachers about it the next time she was at school.


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