Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Last week was not such a great week for me. Because of various work activities I had going on for the end of March, I was in the office for 12-13 hours a day, which meant I missed seeing Caitlin completely on two of those days, and I only saw Brigid for a few minutes of cuddling after she had already fallen almost completely asleep.

I hate those weeks.

Yesterday was the first day of Brigid's spring break, and while I was working from home, the three of us took it easy for most of the day, to enjoy spending some time together and to make up for the time we'd missed together the week before. We ate breakfast on the couch. We colored. We watched some television. Brigid helped me make my in-the-car breakfasts for the rest of the week. We stayed in our pajamas until lunchtime, then took Brigid's scooter 'Pasta' out for a ride around the neighborhood.

(Brigid also wanted to walk the dogs while we were out there, but I have enough trouble keeping Brigid and the strollered-up Caitlin under control at the same time, so adding one or two idiot dogs to the mix isn't really a possibility on our solo walks.)

As is generally the case, Brigid's comment that she wanted to 'walk all day' far exceeded her actual walking ability, and she spent the last quarter of our trip sitting down on the sidewalk every few steps, to whine about how she couldn't walk any more and to ask for snacks that I didn't bring along with us (because we were only walking for MAYBE 30 minutes at the most, and who brings snacks on a 30 minute walk, when you've just had lunch less than an hour earlier?), but I'd say we had a pretty good time before we hit that point...

This kid, man. She just really is the best...

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