Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Queen Elsa

Brigid's Easter basket was a little Frozen-heavy this year, but we honestly couldn't help ourselves. This was the first time Brigid had become really interested in a movie (or, you know, completely and totally OBSESSED with a movie, as the case may be), and listening to her sing along with the soundtrack or watching her pretend to turn our floors into an ice rink or being asked to act out the part of Princess Anna in the ice castle to her own very impressive Queen Elsa (complete with dialogue prompts from the queen along the way, since Princess Anna couldn't quite remember her lines as well as she should at this point) meant that anything Frozen we were able to get our hands on was coming home with us, moderation be damned.

Steve put in some time to track down everything we knew Brigid would want, since Disney seemed to have a problem with production (or *cough*just wanted to drive up demand*cough*), and there was never anything available in any of the stores or online. The dress arrived after one of Steve's set-the-alarm-early-to-wake-up-when-Disney-updates-online-stock evenings, while the Elsa doll was a product of his joining a Facebook group of parents that just wanted to help each other find whatever it was they were looking for, without paying the Ebay scalper prices. I'm impressed, and a little exhausted, looking at the work he put into this whole thing. It's a shame he only got credit for the dress, since the doll came from the big bunny, himself...

Brigid thanked us for getting her the ice dress 'just in time', since she's decided she wants to be Elsa for Halloween, and even if her concept of time is just a touch off, the sentiment was nice. Caitlin ended up with a corresponding Anna costume, so we'll have a matching pair come October, but I kind of refuse to let her wear it at this point because, well...Caitlin is Caitlin. I'd at least like to have her wear it once, when she maybe, sort of understands what she's wearing, before she completely destroys it, you know?

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  1. She makes an excellent Elsa. She's really got the attitude for it.


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