Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Conversations with Brigid

Warning: This story is about poop. It's a funny story about poop (well, I think so, at any rate...), but it's about poop, nonetheless. Sorry.

Me: Why are you putting on new underwear?

Brigid: Because I like Rapunzel. 

Me: It's almost time for your bath, you don't need to be changing your underwear.

Steve: Did you poop? 

Brigid: Yes. 

Me: Did you get poop in your underwear? 

Brigid: A little. 

Me (pulling the underwear out of her hamper): Brigid! We do not put poopy underwear in the hamper. 

Brigid: I thought it could be mud. 

Me: Were you playing in the mud? 

Brigid: Yes, at Ty's house. 

Me: Were you playing in the mud in just your underwear? 

Brigid: No. 

Me: Then just assume it is poop, not mud, and don't put your poopy underwear in the hamper! 

Brigid: Why not?

Me: .....

(Lesson #1: You have to teach children not to hide dirty underwear in their bedrooms. This is not a knowledge with which they are born.)

(Lesson #2: Kids are gross.)

(Lesson #3: She was trying to hide her accident from us, which just proves that my eldest daughter is a sneaky, SNEAKY little turd. TURD!)


  1. HAAA. Henry likes to tell us on occasion his bed is wet. He refuses to admit that he might be why the bed is wet even though he sleeps in it alone.


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