Thursday, April 24, 2014

The Hunt!

Brigid is a big fan of Easter, mostly because she is a big fan of the Easter egg hunt. And why wouldn't she be? Her entire life revolves around when she can con me into letting her have her next treat of the day, so a chance to find random chocolate lying around on the ground, while her parents are actually encouraging her to find more, isn't one she's going to want to pass up. She did an egg hunt at Grandma and Pop-Pop's house on Saturday, one at church on Sunday morning, one with the eggs she dyed with Steve on Sunday after we did the baskets, one with the neighbor on Sunday afternoon, and then ANOTHER ONE after that by herself, when she made us hide some eggs in the yard, just because she hadn't had enough of looking for them, yet.
Caitlin, on the other hand, was set down in a nice spot during the church egg hunt, where she grabbed all of the eggs within her reach, then gave up on the entire process for the rest of the day.
I honestly have no idea how Brigid is going to react to sharing her hunts, and chocolate, with her sister in the future, but I guess we'll just wait to deal with that next year...

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  1. Elizabeth only hunted pink and purple eggs at school. She enjoys hunting, but she isn't going to compromise her principles for this.


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