Thursday, April 3, 2014

Sisterly Love

If you ask Caitlin to give you a hug? There is an almost guaranteed chance that she will look at you like you are speaking the crazy talk, before taking off at full speed in the direction that will get her the furthest distance possible away from you.

If you ask Caitlin to give Brigid a hug? You'd better not be holding that baby too far off of the ground, because she will NOT HESITATE to throw herself out of your arms in her hurry to get to her sister. In fact, there have been MULTIPLE times where I've almost dropped her on her head at preschool drop-off or pick-up, because Brigid has come in to give me a hug, and Caitlin will not allow herself to be left out. If Brigid is handing out hugs, you'd better believe Caitlin wants in on that action.

I think I'm going to frame this series of pictures, along every other picture I manage to take in the future that even slightly indicates that these girls like each other, to hang in their shared bathroom, for the inevitable teenaged blow-outs that I am sure are coming our way. 'See?!?!? You two DID get along at one point in your lives. YOU WILL DO SO AGAIN!'

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  1. I think that is a brilliant idea. I make my kids hug when they're not getting along. :)


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