Friday, April 16, 2010

6 Month Check-up

And we were back in a doctor's office today. Again. These babies, man, they spend A LOT of time visiting with doctors. It's crazy.

Luckily, today was just the general 6 month check-up variety of visit, so no big thing. Just a couple of shots, a dose of some (what I'm assuming is nasty tasting, judging by Brigid's expression) liquid medicine, and another weigh in. Oh, how did the weigh in go? Well, this kid, she's weighing in at 17lbs 9oz now, which I call 'chubby bunny' and the doctor calls 'thriving'. Either way, we know Brigid is having no problems adapting to whatever new feeding schedules we throw at her, so that's good. Also? We know that my arms should rival that of an American Gladiator as far as muscle size goes. Oh yeah, and that weight? It puts her in the 80th percentile according to the nurse, but right on the edge of the 85th percentile according to the doctor. So there's that. Her length is measuring at 26 1/4 inches, which is in the 75th percentile.

We had some serious crying happen before the shots even touched her, basically because we are starting to get a little leery of strangers, and also because it was almost nap time. And I think maybe she knows what the pre-shot alcohol swab means, because that gets her all riled up. But she calmed down pretty quickly after the fact, and she was out cold by the time we got home (From an office that's 2 1/2 minutes from our house. Kid was exhausted...). She woke up from her nap like nothing happened, just as cheerful as can be, but I'm wondering if the whole thing messes with her appetite a little, because there was very little cereal consumed at lunch today. I couldn't tell if she just wasn't hungry, or if she just thought it was hilarious to spit her food at me, or if it was maybe a combination of the two. I'm leaning towards door number three, I think. But in all seriousness, does this look like the face of a kid that would spit her food out at you?

Yes. Yes it does.

Apparently, we are ready to move on to stage 2 foods, so there's that. We're also supposed to replace one of her formula bottles with a sippy cup of water, but I imagine that's going to go over like a lead balloon. And there were some instructions about building up to three meals and two snacks a day, feeding two different kinds of food to her at once, and maybe eating real adult food at some point? I don't even know anymore. Every time I start to get the hang of one stage of development, the doctor has to go and switch it up on me. I don't want to learn anything new. She's eating baby food and formula until she's 16.

And that's that.

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