Thursday, April 22, 2010

If this is what Botox feels like, I think I'll pass.

After 3 shots of novacaine, this is me practicing my Elvis lip curl:

Convincing, no?

I was seriously concerned that I would scare Brigid when I got home, considering I could move nothing on the left side of my face from my chin to my forehead (honestly, is it normal to feel the novacaine in your eye?!?!?!), but she was more cheerful last night than she has been in awhile. Apparently, my impression of Two Faced from Batman amused her. At least I don't have to worry about her feelings when I go back in a month to do the right side.*

*I take good care of my teeth. I do! I just had a small cavity on each side of my mouth, and the dentist didn't want to numb both sides at once because she wanted to leave me a side to chew with, should I get hungry. Not that I could chew anything since I felt like I couldn't control my tongue. But considering how much novacaine she pumped in me yesterday, I'm kind of glad she went that route because there's a good chance I wouldn't have been able to do much beyond mumble incoherently if we'd done both. Although now I have to go through this all over again on the other side, so maybe I should have pushed to finish it all up yesterday. It's not like I had anything good to say last night, anyway...

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  1. I always am amused with the Novocaine feeling. So strange!


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