Monday, April 26, 2010

This weekend would have been much better without the pureed meat. And the tornado watch.

I love me some bullet points! Here we go…

-We added meat to Brigid’s diet this weekend. We added pureed turkey, with turkey gravy, to be exact. And it was exactly as disgusting as I thought it would be. And, at the risk of grossing everyone out, I’d also like to mention that it severely ups the stink factor of the baby and her movements, if you get my drift. Honestly, it’s almost enough to make me want to raise a vegetarian baby. Because that sh*t is stinky. Literally.

-In other big news involving the baby and her growth curve, we graduated to the big bath tub on Friday night, and it was a dangerous move, let me tell you. On the one hand, Brigid loves it. It gives her much more room to kick her legs and flail her arms and just generally throw a body flinging party in the evening. For me, though, it wasn’t so much fun. In fact, it actually reminded me of when we used to give my old dog Sam a bath in the bathtub. I’m pretty sure at the end of the bath, there was more water on me, the floor, and the walls than in the tub itself. Also? It’s ridiculously nerve wracking having a baby that now sits up in the big tub instead of one that lays down in the little baby tub. So not a fan of all of this development.

-We were on tornado alert this weekend. And because our weatherman is a little extreme, we’d basically been on tornado alert for this weekend since last Tuesday. With UPDATED! COMPUTER MODELS! EVERY NEWSCAST! That basically said storms were coming at 3am on Sunday morning. And I tend to get a little uneasy (or psychotically panicky) in the face of bad weather. So, I suggested we all sleep in the basement Saturday night, just to be safe. When that idea wasn’t well received (by my non-midwest raised husband), I instead suggested we just stick the cats down there to give me two less things to worry about. That was turned down, also. But I insisted on sleeping with the tv on. Because it made sense to me to have it on so if the sirens did go off (and we still had power), I could see quickly what was happening. Just in case.

Guess what? Nothing happened here, aside from Steve waking up grouchy on Sunday because apparently he doesn’t sleep well with the tv on. We barely had any storms of any kind around my house, thank goodness. But it’s nice to see my severe weather based neurotic tendencies have been amped up to a new level of crazy by the addition of a baby. Good times.

-In less ‘Tara should be sedated’ news, we interviewed a potential baby-sitter this weekend. We don’t really need a baby-sitter right now, but it seemed like a good idea to have one we’re comfortable leaving Brigid with if we ever do need to. She’s the live-in nanny for one of my co-workers, and she’s looking for extra jobs in the evenings or on the weekends. And she seems really nice. And Brigid really seemed to like her. And I’m 99% sure she’s better with kids (including mine) than I am. She was all about music classes and books and pointing out colors to Brigid as they played. So, apparently that’s something I need to work on.

And that, my friends, was my weekend.

And, honestly? It was exhausting. I’m glad it’s Monday…

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