Wednesday, April 28, 2010

All of you parrotheads covered in…coats.

And that right there, that about sums up our 2010 Jimmy Buffett experience. As the post title (sung by Mr. Buffett himself) suggests, last night was a little chilly. Don’t get me wrong, it was a ton of fun. But it was COLD! I guess you’re going to get that sometimes when you hold a concert in April. Even with the cold, I still think it was worth it. But I was drinking, so what do I know?

The whole thing didn’t start out as well as I’d hoped. We left work around 4:30, and it was pretty ugly when we stopped for gas.

Yes, those are raindrops on the windshield of the car.

But, it all seemed to be getting better when we headed for the highway.

And then it got bad again.

But we persevered! This was the first Buffett concert Steve and I have been to that didn’t involve a tailgating production (with the exception of our very first one, when we didn’t know any better...but even that one included a four foot long Slim Jim, so I think that maybe still ranks above this one) . Instead, it involved an actual tailgate and a six-pack of beer. And we made it work…

…even though someone bought a six-pack of beer that required a bottle opener, but didn’t think to bring said bottle opener.

That’s right, there is a foot brush/pumice stone in the vehicle, but no bottle opener. I know, right? Do I even need to mention that this didn’t work? We used the trailer hitch. We are nothing, if not resourceful.

We headed towards the concert a little early, because we didn’t have anything else to do, and I kind of needed to use the restroom. Unfortunately, we were so early, they hadn’t even opened the gate yet. It’s ok, though, because there was plenty to entertain us while we waited.

Neither one of us had eaten dinner, and we were starting to get a little hungry, so I stayed behind to hold down our spot on the lawn, while Steve went after food and beverage.

He went with the dinner of champions. And I loved it.

The weather, which was spitting on us as we were walking to the concert, miraculously cleared up. Again.

In fact, Steve decided to do a little sunbathing while we waited.

Did I mention that it was cold out?

And the bathroom line. I spent some time in the bathroom line.

At least there were some reading materials for me.

And that’s about all that was fit to print. There are some potty mouthed people out there, and this is a family blog, after all.

We had a really great view of the stage.

And the concert was just awesome, as always. He played most of the old standards, including Come Monday, Cheeseburger in Paradise, Margaritaville, A Pirate Looks at Forty (my personal favorite), One Particular Harbor, and Changes in Latitude. All are fabulous songs. And he did Woman Goin’ Crazy on Caroline Street, which he doesn’t normally do, but I LOVE! And he brought Zac Brown out for a couple of songs, because apparently Zac Brown is from Atlanta? I had no idea.

There was a small parade of people who had partied a little too hard and had to be escorted out by medics. And the smell of something more than a cigarette floated by every once in awhile. And an ND grad of 2000 stopped to talk to us because of our blanket (His first question to us when he found out we were graduates, too? "What dorm did you live in?" Shocking, no?). And I started up a conversation with a random stranger who was sitting next to us during intermission. But there were no beach ball casualties this one spilled a drink on themselves after taking a beach ball hard to the face, and no one fell down the hill trying to hit one into the crowd. So I think that means I'm getting more mature in my old age? Or it just means the opportunity didn't present itself. Either way, I didn't make a fool out of myself, and that's definitely a good time in my book.

We didn’t stay for the encore because we were busy running for the heated seats of the car, but it’s ok. I don’t think we really missed all that much.

All in all, I’d say we had a really great time. Well, I know I did, and Steve seemed to enjoy himself, too. I just hope Jimmy sticks to touring for another bunch of years…I’d love to take Brigid along someday.

Just maybe when it’s not so cold…

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