Wednesday, June 2, 2010

And this is why I'm not a doctor...

I'm sure it's just a cold, I said.

She's only having problems sleeping because she's so congested.  She wakes herself up trying to breathe through her nose, I said.

She always pulls on her ear when she's sleepy.  If her ear was hurting her, she'd be crying more than she is now, I said.

She should still go see the pediatrician, just to make sure there's nothing else wrong with her, everyone else said.

And since we're closing in on a week with this congestion thing, I agreed. 

Guess who the pediatrician agreed with?  Not me, that's for sure.  Turns out, Brigid has a little bit of an ear infection...a "1 or 2 on a scale of 10," to be exact.  We were prescribed antibiotics, only to be used if she develops a fever, and some ear numbing drops to help with any pain she might be feeling right now.

And Steve earned the right to drop an 'I told you so' on me for my (apparently way too cavalier) attitude towards our child's health. 

You were right, dear.  I was wrong. 

Just don't get used to it.

Two side stories from today's appointment...

1) Apparently the pediatrician took one look at Brigid's gums and laughed because they are ridiculously swollen.  I'm basically expecting teeth any second now.

And 2) Our pediatrician works out of two different offices, and today happened to be one of her days in the office that we don't normally visit, so the nurses didn't have all of Brigid's past charts on hand when Steve took her in for the appointment.  It seems that when the nurse was checking B's vitals, she immediately freaked out and nervously told the doctor she thought she heard a murmur.  To which the doctor responded with, 'oh, that's nothing, they're just here for an ear infection.'  So, there's that...

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