Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Future CEO

We're heading to the beach for a few days, because it's my belief that every child should be able to stick his or her toes in the sand at the earliest possible age.

Also? I am apparently a hopeless optimist. An 8-month old on the beach probably isn't the most relaxing scenario I've ever encountered, but I'm willing to give it a shot. Because, while I am excited for Brigid to have her first Florida experience, let's face facts...

Momma needs the beach.


Oh, and my family! It will be nice to see my family! That's totally why I'm doing this, of course. It's not all about the's all about the family.


Anyway, Monday and Tuesday were ridiculously busy at work, which is usually the way it goes when you're getting ready to take a few days off, but we took a little break around lunchtime on Tuesday to welcome a special visitor into the office.

I'm pretty sure she's planning to take over the company...

Charm them with cuteness, then steal their desk, that seems to be her master plan...

I think she's got a shot.

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