Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Vacation Wrap-Up

So, I went on a trip this past weekend.  To Florida.  With Steve.  And Brigid.  And four other family members.  And I had to leave my cute little car at home, even though it would be the perfect beach car, and I figured we could just attach it to the trailer hitch on the Durango and pull it along behind us.  But Steve said no.  And I think he said it in a very snotty voice, while laughing at me or shaking his head or rolling his eyes or doing all three at once.  So I wasn't too happy with that.

But, Brigid, she wasn't all that concerned with any of it.  She was just ready to hit the road...

Beyond the little car spat situation, the long weekend was a ton of fun.  Steve got to fish, I got to sunbathe, and Brigid spent a ridiculous amount of time napping.  Which I guess could explain the middle of the night party sessions that kid kept trying to throw at 2am.  And her 6:30am starts to the day.  But she did manage to squeeze in a few beach-y activities between her daytime sleepfests...

We did a little swimming in the pool (no pictures, of course, because I'm terrible at this whole 'documenting the childhood' thing...) and in a cooler on the beach.

We also tried dipping our toes into the ocean water, but oh boy, that did not go over well with the kid at all.  Instant crying on that one, in fact.  But the sand didn't come at her in noisy waves, so she seemed to tolerate that a little better.


She seemed to get tired of hanging out with her mother, though, which, you know, whatever. 

If she wants to hang out with her dad a little, I guess that's fine.  
*sniff, sniff, pouty face, sniff*

Of course, we had to deal with a day of clouds and the odd little summer storm, but it happens.  Steve decided to get all artsy on me with the storm pictures, because that's what Steve does.

Do you know what I do?  I try to take pictures of Brigid without acclimating the camera to the temperatures outside first.  Did you know that bringing the camera from an air conditioned condo into the hot and humid ocean air will cause the inside lenses to fog up?  I didn't.  Turns out, it's hard to take pictures with foggy lenses.  Go figure.

Know what else Steve does with the camera?  He goes all investigative reporter on your ass.  There were some tarballs on the beach.  So, of course, Mr. Fox News himself had to get some pictures to post in various oil spill chatrooms.

The picture of the skyline?  That was to prove we were actually in Panama City with the tar balls.  The picture of the seaweed?  I have absolutely no idea.

Brigid still didn't care about any of it.  In fact, she basically left the beach the same way she arrived...

Isn't that cute, how I make it seem like she's such a great car baby, what with all of the sleeping?  The reality is that this little nap occurred after we'd stopped in the Middle of Nowhere, Florida, thirty minutes into the trip, to change a poopy diaper.  And it only lasted about thirty minutes, itself.  So that left about 4+ hours of infant entertaining to me, and it turns out, I am TERRIBLE at the infant entertaining.  There was some flailing around with the toys.  There was some food bribing taking place.  There was some screaming.  There was some stress.  There was a lot of Jason Mraz played.  There was finally peace and quiet after the poor kid cried herself out and fell back asleep.

Mother of the year, right here, people.

Mother. Of. The. Year.

Can't imagine how much fun it's going to be the next time she makes the trip to Indiana...

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