Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Random Thoughts

I have gray hair.  Or white hair.  I'm not really sure.  Either way, it's not good.  Notice I didn't say anything along the lines of 'I found my first gray hair today.'  That would be because, judging from the number of gray/white hairs that I found on my head, they've been coming on for awhile, and I'm just now noticing.

Let's just say that I am less than happy about this whole situation.


Brigid got a wagon for Christmas last year, and today was the first day we took it out.  She seemed a little unsure of the whole thing at first, but I think she'll get the hang of it before too long.  She's a quick study, that kid.

(Please notice, the comb-over is still in full effect in the following pictures.  I am seriously at a loss about what to do.  It's too long to brush straight down, so we're left with...this.  Sad.)


Speaking of quick study, Brigid is now pulling herself up into a standing position on her own (ok, she did it once...but that still counts, right?) and eating watermelon (and apparently cheese, when my husband can sneak it to her without me noticing...I am insanely conservative when it comes to introducing new foods, unfortunately).  But still, we have no teeth.  No teeth!  

Seriously.  Where in the heck are this kid's teeth?


We are bringing in outside help to watch Brigid on Thursdays, starting this week.  And by outside help, I mean someone that I am not related to, that I just met during nanny interviews this past weekend.  I'm a little nervous about all of this, to say the least, but we've done background checks, and called references, and I really liked the people we interviewed, so I'm sure everything will be fine.
However, I still reserve the right to take a vacation day on Thursday to park in front of the house and spy on the nanny through the windows.  And barring that, I may or may not be in the market for a good nanny cam.


Finally, I may be the idiot who traded in my practical sedan for something a little less practical, but some lady pulled up next to me at a stoplight last week and rolled down her window to tell me how cute my car was.  And some dude in the drive through at Chick-fil-A told me he had one, too.  And nobody ever bonded with me over my Honda.

Now, I realize this doesn't make me any less of an idiot, but it's still fun.  

So there.

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