Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I should have gone to Vegas.

I am hereby announcing a new amendment to the baby policy: We won't come to see you, you have to come see us.

After the weekend we just had, I may never leave my house for an overnight trip with Brigid ever again. Well, at least not until she's old enough to understand that when I say, "OMG CHILD, GO BACK TO BED!!!" at 2am, after she's been up at least once an hour since she went down at 8pm, it means, "OMG CHILD, GO BACK TO BED!!!"

This was a rough one, let me tell you.

I don't know what all contributed to the disaster we experience this weekend, but I think it must have been a combination of congestion, overstimulation, and sharing a room with mommy and daddy, because we were all screwed up the last couple of days. Naps of 20 minutes, a resistance to eating, and the aforementioned constant overnight wakings made for a very stressful long weekend. Throw in the breathing treatments, the nasal irrigations, and the bulb syringe, and I am exhausted just thinking about it...

Oh wait, no. I'm just exhausted. Period.

The stuffy nose that started last week hasn't cleared up. There's no fever, everything coming out of her is clear, and I don't think it's moved into her chest, but the general congestion is still there. Needless to say, there's a trip to the pediatrician in our immediate future. I'm not really expecting much from the doctor to help with this situation, but maybe I'm missing something that she can pinpoint, which can be treated, which will just clear everything right on up. Or maybe lack of sleep is making me delusional. Either way, we'll learn something this afternoon.

And while I know the congestion was the main cause of the sleeping and eating issues (seriously, thumb-sucking and bottle-drinking when you can't breathe out of your nose does not look like something I'd recommend trying...), I do wonder how much of it had to do with being away from home for several days. Five minutes down the road, we had this...

And when we got home? She stayed up playing for a little bit, then finished her entire afternoon bottle with no problem, slept for another hour and a half (until it was late enough that we actually had to go wake her up so as not to mess with her overnight schedule), and took another bottle without fighting it before bed. And the best part? She only woke up once in the middle of the night! Obviously, best case scenario would be that she'd go back to sleeping through the night, but I'm willing to take what I can get at this point.

It's amazing what passes as a good time these days.

PS: STILL NO TEETH!!! And I was really hoping one would pop up at some point this weekend. It would be so nice to have something concrete to blame this mess on...


  1. Ohh you guys! I know the feeling!!! That is exactly how Madison was and then just a few days later when she woke up in the morning I put my finger in her mouth, for no apparent reason; at least not one that I could remember, and there it was A TOOTH!!! Hang in there! Madison's 2nd tooth just broke through, and she's MUCH better, but the excessive drooling started again today, so I have a feeling were in for yet another in the next few weeks!! I don't know if anyone is telling you to have her chew on hard icy cold teething rings or a rag with an ice cube wrapped up inside, works wonders!!!! I hope this helps!!!

    TRUST me, Brian and I completely understand what you're going through!!!!

  2. I was starting to get a little concerned with her liquid intake, since she wasn't taking her bottles, so we started freezing a little bit of apple juice and water in one of those popsicle molds, and she really loved that.

    It's always going to be something, I guess :)


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