Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Where's the pretty baby? There's the pretty baby!

Generally speaking, Brigid is a pretty happy kid.  But every once in awhile, even she starts to get fussy.  The 'I'm tired, I'm bored, you are not entertaining, I am done with you' kind of fussy.  And when that happens, there is only one person (other than the Jason Mraz/Elmo combination, that is) who can calm her down.


Seriously, the child is in love with herself.  Put her in front of a mirror, ask her where the pretty baby is, and she will immediately start giggling and waving at her reflection.  It's actually ridiculously cute.  But, she's starting to take it beyond that, even, when she can get close enough to the reflection to do something about it.

See, she has this toy.  It's a plastic snail looking thing that rocks back and forth and plays music and has a mirror on the side.  We spent the day playing with it, and she basically spent the day making out with herself.  Because of course, the pretty baby is so pretty that she deserves kisses.  Mommy and daddy don't get kisses on demand, but the pretty baby?  Why, she can have as many as she wants.  And apparently, she wants a lot.

Honestly, though, I'm starting to think this has more to do with a general fascination with babies than a fascination with herself.  For one of my baby showers, back in the day (because, seriously, it feels like forever ago...I mean, I even have gray hair now!), my mother-in-law used framed baby photos of my husband and I as part of the decor, and those pictures are now on a shelf in Brigid's room.  And every time she wakes up, whether it's in the morning or after a nap, she loses her ever-loving mind over those pictures.  She starts grinning and giggling and waving and pointing, and it might be one of the most adorable things she does.  We're still not quite up to waving at the general population, but the baby pictures...well, that's just another story.

On Wednesday, Brigid is going out partying with Grandma, and there will be a toddler there.  This weekend, during the 4th of July festivities, she's going to be around a couple more.  We're about to find out whether she likes all kids, or whether she's just partial to herself.

I'll keep you posted.

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