Thursday, September 9, 2010

Since when does the thought of a vacation cause MORE stress?

So, remember last weekend, when we went to Indiana, and Brigid took her first plane trip? And then, remember on Tuesday, when I promised you that I'd post pictures and a quick little recap of said trip, because it seemed like just the kind of event I started this blog for, what with the whole 'documenting baby's life' and everything? And then, remember how yesterday, I didn't do it because it was Brigid's eleven month birthday, and I talked about that instead?

Well, I'm not doing it today, either.

I know, I know...I am a walking baby-book failure. I make big plans, and then it seems like nothing ever gets done. But, I really do follow through with things! I swear! Most of the time!


Sometimes, it just takes me a little longer than it should. And after all of this dithering, you will come back tomorrow, read my recap, look at my crappy cell phone pictures, and wonder why in the heck I talked so much about something that was such a non-event. But you will deal with it. Because my kid is adorable, and you want to read about all of her adorableness. Or you will give up on me, and you will deal with it by not coming back, because no amount of adorableness is enough to put up with me and my insane ramblings.

Either way, I'm good with it.

Instead, today, I'm going to tell you about the never-ending nanny search we have embarked on once again. Oh yes, wasn't I all cutely optimistic last week, talking about how the girl we didn't hire during the second round of interviews was still interested in the job, and weren't we so lucky to not have to go through round three? Well, she's not so interested in it anymore. It turns out, she picked up a second job between the first and second time I talked to her, and she thought she could work her schedule around all three jobs, but she can't. And she sent me an email about it this weekend, while we were out of town. And we're going out of town again next week. So I had/have all of about four days to line up a replacement for the week we get back from vacation.

So, no pressure or anything.

We did two interviews Tuesday night, and one interview Wednesday night. We seem to have some good candidates, again, which is nice, but there's not really one that stands head and shoulders above the others, which sucks. Because it means I have to do more of the pro/con decision making that I really don't have the time or brain capacity for these days. But, I will persevere. I will call references on Friday. I will debate the merits of each, most likely with myself. I will make a wine fueled decision about my child's well-being at my drinking/painting outing with my sister-in-law on Friday night. And I will have a nanny lined up before we leave for vacation on Sunday.

Because a rushed, wine fueled decision is exactly what a good mom does when hiring a childcare provider, no?

I really hope whoever we pick this time sticks around for awhile. I really don't think I can handle going through this process again.

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