Monday, November 1, 2010

Baby's first trick-or-treat...

So, it wasn't officially Brigid's first Halloween this year, since she sort of participated in the festivities last year, at all of three weeks old.  But, it was Brigid's first Halloween in a mom-made costume, and it was definitely her first attempt at the trick-or-treating (or, as it's known around here, earning her keep by bringing in the candy for mom and dad...).  I'm not exactly sure we'd call it a complete success or anything, but she definitely charmed the pants off of the inhabitants of the four or five houses we were able to make it to before Brigid was ready to call it a night.

First, the Steve and Tara costume combination...

Let me tell you, if I had known just how long Steve's costume was going to take to put together, there is no way I would have ever committed to doing it.  But I was dumb.  And I committed.  And it turned out pretty well, I think.  If it's not clear, I was a birthday girl, and Steve was my pinata. 

And every time I hit him with the bat?  He threw out blow pops.  That part was all his idea.  For future reference, blow pops and beer do not taste all that fantastic together.

But the star of the night would definitely have to be our little resident fairy-in-training, Abby Cadabby. 

This, right here?  This is how you do trick-or-treating.  Riding in a wagon around the neighborhood, being carried up to the neighbor's door, double-fisting M&Ms.

This is what you get away with when you're this cute...

Must be nice!

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