Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Conversations With My Mom

A little background for this conversation...I come from a relatively small town. We have two malls, but one of the malls consists of an Elder Beerman, and I think that's about it. Oh wait, I think there's a Sears there, too. Or maybe it's a JC Penney. I can't remember now... Let's just say, it's not too well visited. In fact, if you're looking to get your picture taken with Santa Claus on Christmas Eve with your two sisters to surprise your parents one year, not realizing that it would become a tradition that would be repeated every year you make it back to Indiana for Christmas (a fact which I love, but annoys my grinch of a husband, who finds it weird or something that a 30-year old, a 25-year old, and a 16-year old still want to see Santa Claus), it's the perfect place to go. Because even on Christmas Eve? The only people in the mall are the mall walkers. mom called last night from Indiana to see how Brigid's appointment with our fancy big city Santa went on Sunday.

Mom: So, how did Brigid do with Santa Claus this weekend? Was it worth all of the hassle you went through?

Me: It was no hassle, really. And Brigid was fine. No smiles or anything, but no crying either.

Mom: Were there other people getting their Santa pictures taken?

Me: Yes. It wasn't too crowded, but there were definitely other kids there.

Mom: I can't believe you went to see Santa this early.

Me: Well, Brigid won't remember anyway, and I'm going to have the cutest freaking Christmas cards, ever. So there.

Mom: Was the Santa at least a good Santa?

Me: Yes, he was great.

Mom: Better than the Santa here?

Me: Better than St. Nicotine? (Ed Note: That would be our loving nickname for my hometown Santa, since his beard has that slight 'I just stepped out for my every-15-minute smoke break' yellow tinge to it) Yes, I'd say he was better.

Mom: I find that hard to believe. I'll bet your Santa won't remember you coming to see him every year, like ours does.

Me: Mom, I'm pretty sure that has more to do with having three grown girls come to see him every year than it does with his qualities as Santa Claus.

Mom: Well, you're probably right...

Aaaaand, scene! Of course I'm right! Ask Steve...I'm always right. Especially when it comes to Christmas logic.

Moral of the story? My hometown is awesome, and there is nothing wrong with visiting Santa every year, no matter how old you are.

I love Christmas!

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