Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My nerdy little heart is so full of joy right now!

Today is a big day for me.  Huge, in fact.  H-U-G-E!

What, besides the first day of the Christmas music season, could cause such joy in my life?  Well, tonight is the night that I finally go to see the new Harry Potter movie.  Oh, for the love, I am ridiculously excited!  I mean, it's been out for almost TWO WEEKS!!  How could I have waited this long?!?!?

True story...when the last book came out?  Steve and I were at a party the night of the release, and we left around midnight to head home.  We passed a Kroger along the way, and Steve thought it would be funny to stop by and see if they had any copies of the book.  Oh boy, did they ever!  We each picked up a copy (because of course we did), and I went on to read until 4am, before waking up early to spend all day Saturday finishing the damn thing off. 

Life before Brigid...did I know how to live it up, or what?

Back in the day, we were the midnight showing people.  I didn't dress up like a wizard, and I didn't fake a scar or anything, but you'd better believe I was in line early to make sure I beat all of those people who did dress like wizards and fake their scars to the good seats.  Brigid is just lucky I didn't try to take her to opening night this year...I mean, honestly, what toddler doesn't want to sit through a three hour movie in the middle of the night, right? 

Damn common sense takes the fun out of everything. 

But I waited, and I made the appropriate toddler type arrangements, and now I'm finally going to see it.  I just hope it lives up to the hype...

PS: Steve would like me to note that he got a new dutch oven from my parents for Christmas, and he made me a very, very tasty butternut squash soup for dinner in said dutch oven.  That's really all there is to this story, but Steve wanted to make sure he got credit for it.  

It was pretty fantastic soup...

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  1. YAY! I was so excited to finally watch it over Thanksgiving break with my sister. LOVED IT. :)

    What did you think? Am I the only one who thought the Harry/Hermione dancing scene was so cringe-worthy? I was so glad they didn't make the super long camping trip as boring as the book made it. :)


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