Monday, November 22, 2010

Road Trip Fail

Even before Brigid came along, I was not a good person to have along on a road trip.  Just ask my dear husband.  I either spent my time reading, sleeping, or involving Steve in obnoxious conversations that somehow ended up with us arguing over something that neither of us really cared about, but that neither of us was going to back down from, either.

I was a joy.

And now that Brigid is along for the ride, let's just say the addition of a baby to the mix did not make things any better.  In fact, I'm not sure what the highlight of our trip from Georgia to Indiana was this past weekend...

Was it the Chick-Fil-A for breakfast, followed by the Arby's for lunch that I fed my poor, malnourished toddler?  Was it the stop at the Opry Mills outlet mall to let that same poor, malnourished, and now sleep-deprived toddler stretch her legs, which we only discovered was still closed due to the Nashville flood after we drove several miles out of our way?  Was it the diaper change that had to take place in the backseat of the car because our stop didn't include a bathroom with a changing table, the one that ended in Brigid peeing all over my seat because I didn't get the clean diaper under her fast enough?  Was it the stop at the Jim Beam distillery (a must see for any fourteen month old), where Brigid fell, hit her head, and started hysterically crying, to the point that she couldn't catch her breath, and every employee in the Jim Beam gift store came over to try to offer ways to make her feel better (including a little taste of Jim Beam, of course...)?  Was it the Baby Einstein video we threw in for the last hour of the trip to zombiefy our grouchy kid, who wanted nothing more than to be out of the car?

Oh yeah, from start to finish, our drive north was full of parenting fail.  I can only imagine how much fun the return trip is going to be...


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  2. Oh, no! Poor Brigid. I had to giggle at her peeing all over your seat, though; not getting the diaper on quick enough happens to me more often that I'd like to admit.
    (Sorry for the delete; I had to fix a glaringly-obvious spelling error.)


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