Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I think all clothing decisions will have to be run through me from now on...

Steve has been stuck in (on?) jury duty this week, which kind of seems like something I want to be a part of since it apparently involves coming home at 2pm and spending the afternoon with Brigid.

And what happens when daddy spends the afternoon at home?  I end up getting text messages with pictures of Brigid dressed like this...

She looks so sad in these pictures...

I think she realizes that orange just isn't her color.  I think she's thinking about all of the pretty blue in her closet.  I think she's trying to say 'Go Colts!'.

I think I may just pull some Hoosier out of her, yet.

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  1. Aw! Those pictures are great!

    My guy has an... unhealthy obsession with orange things too. Men: stop trying to make orange happen. Especially on little toddler girls!

    (I clicked on you from blogher and I'm subscribing now!)


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