Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Am I too old to wear my daughter's clothes?

I don't mean her actual clothes, of course. Obviously, there's a bit of a size issue there. But something close to what's in Brigid's closet? Is that allowed?

Because I absolutely want this dress...

Dress: Gap Kids
Leggings: Target
Bow: Hobby Lobby
And be sure to check out Kimberly's site for other trendy tots!


  1. Me too! I want that dress, too! =) She's adorable.

  2. So, so, so precious!!! I want that dress! And her adorable hair and long eyelashes, too! Ah!

  3. Oh my heavens. Those pictures are AWESOME!!! You seriously have GOT to blow them up and frame them!

    I do love the dress. My daughter has several dresses that I'd wear in a heartbeat if they were in my size.

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