Monday, March 21, 2011

I think Brigid is Irish for ADORABLE!

We took Brigid to a little St. Patrick's Day festival by my brother-in-law's house last Thursday evening, because it was 80 degrees and sunny outside, and we are just a family who loves our holidays. If you say, 'let's celebrate!', we say 'when can we start?'.

I don't even think it matters what the holiday actually is, honestly. If there's a party, I want to be there. And I want to take Brigid with me.

Well,  most of the time, anyway.

(Please excuse the tennis shoes plus skinny jeans combination...daddy handled the dressing, while mommy had to work a little later than was planned, and just met everyone at the festival. 

Skinny jeans and tennis shoes. Huh. 

We don't quite have daddy trained, yet, it seems...)

I will say, though, style problems aside, Steve is much, much better at getting smiles out of this kid for pictures than I am. This seems like it might be a problem when I take Brigid by myself for Easter pictures in a couple of weeks...

I don't know that I've ever seen this child as happy as she was sitting on the grass, listening to music, and holding her balloon, while I was on one side feeding her pizza and Steve was on the other with her water. I think she would have stayed for much longer, if it hadn't already been so late. She was in such a good mood, in fact, there was no crying in the car on the way home.

And that? NEVER HAPPENS!! Unless Jack Skellington is somehow involved, that is.

There's no denying that my child likes her parties. She is going to be so much fun this summer!


  1. You're right- that is one adorable little leprachaun! She's gorgeous and so so happy!

  2. She is WAY adorable! I love these pictures! And she can pull off skinny jeans and sneakers like no one else. :)


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