Monday, March 28, 2011

Rant against...

...sippy cups!

Oh, for the love, I hate sippy cups. I will be beyond happy when I can toss all sippy cups, forever. Because sippy cups?

Well, they suck.

For starters, they all leak. All of them. But the ones that leak the least amount? Those are the ones that require 25 pieces that have to be taken apart every time you wash the cup. And of course, since you have to take the cup apart to wash it, you have to put it back together again before you use the darn thing.

And when you're getting ready to spend the weekend away from home, and you don't want to just throw a bunch of pieces into a bag and hope for the best, because your husband still won't let you forget the time you forgot to bring the bottle rings with you when you went on that one weekend away from home? And even if he would let you forget it, the fact that your bottle rings now outnumber your actual bottles 2 to 1 because you had to run out and buy a whole new pack of them to feed your poor kid reminds you as you pack all of that stuff away?

Well, you have to put a ton of cups together, and that's just no fun at all. In fact, I think my thumb is still sore from snapping all of the pieces together, over and over again, and that happened three days ago.

So, short story long (as is my wordy, wordy way), I am on the hunt for a less complicated sippy cup, preferably one that includes a straw. Any thoughts?


  1. Haha I love your rants. =) Have you tried the Playtex ones? They do have a few parts... Three, I think. But I've never noticed them leaking. They come as sippy cup types and as straw types...

  2. I really, really like the Take 'n Toss cups. They make sippy ones and straw ones. I haven't had many issues with them leaking but maybe I've just been lucky.

    Come take a look inside A Working Mom's Closet

  3. I hate sippy cups too. I bought these bottle like ones for my 1yo but she seems to always get them to leak (or she lets milk dribble from her mouth). I agree with Tiffany, and have found the Playtex ones to work best (leak-wise) but they have a lot of pieces, and they can get stinky if you don't clean them immediately. I do lose the little plastic pieces all the time, but you can order replacements from Amazon!

  4. I agree with Melissa! The Take 'n Toss have been excellent for us. I also just got some Tinkerbell ones from Walmart... can't remember the brand. They've served us VERY well. No straws, though.

  5. My favorite sippy cups are the Munchkin brand, they sell two-packs at Target. It's pretty difficult for P to even get a few drops out of it when he's banging it against his high chair.

    Things without a straw, they leak everywhere! :(


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