Friday, March 4, 2011

Bedtime Bunny

Last night, Brigid was in a rather picky mood when it came to her bedtime story. I offered up her usual options, waiting for her to settle on one, but book after book was met with a shake of the head and a push back to the book basket. When I pulled up a book called Bedtime Bunny, she finally granted me a smile, while she snuggled against my chest, waiting for me to start reading.

Now, Bedtime Bunny is part of a set. When I finished the book, Brigid turned to the back page, where there is a list of the four books in this little series, including pictures of each front cover. She pointed to one in particular, Butterfly Kisses, which is the only other book of the series that she has, and which she made me read to her over and over again when I put her down on Tuesday night. Trying to avoid a repeat performance, I attempted to impress her with her options once again, but she continued to fuss at me and point to Butterfly Kisses instead.

I ignored her and tried to read something else. She ignored me and kept pointing. It was a battle of wills, to the highest extent! I was adamant! We were not reading Butterfly Kisses AGAIN!. And then...

Yeah, this next part might not surprise you at all, but....I totally gave in.

I opened her book, and we read it together, with Brigid making splashing motions at the fish, monkey noises with the monkey, and shushing sounds for the baby. When I'd reach the last page? She'd flip right back to the front. We read this book for TEN MINUTES! And it is not a long book, my friends.

I learned three things last night:

1) It might be time to invest in some new books.

2) Apparently, opinions form early in life, or something.

And most importantly?
3) It is really, really hard to say no to a snuggly toddler.

I am doomed.


  1. S is the same way about certain books. "Snappy Little Numbers," in particular. If you guys don't have it, you should check it out. It's a pop-up book that helps count to 10 and it's super entertaining- even for me!

    Mmmhmm... we snuggle way later than we should, because it's soooo sweet and lovey and warm.

  2. Aww, this is beautiful!!
    I love it!! ♥

    ..OH MY VOGUE!

  3. lol That is sweet! And that's why I usually look to daddy when "no" needs to be said and I can't. My little booger listens so much better to daddy! lol


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