Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Steve (after a successful Sunday spent updating Brigid's spring wardrobe): Do you think maybe you're channeling all of your shopping energy into buying things for Brigid, since you gave up shopping for yourself for Lent?

Me: Um, maybe...

He may be on to something, no?


  1. Oooh, I love that skirt & cardi! I've seen them at Target and have been considering buying them for my little Avi's Easter outfit. =)

  2. Great finds! We got some of the same things for S!!

    And I totally do that, too... channel my shopping energy to her wardrobe... because it's not breaking the rules.

  3. Tiffany- That's exactly why we bought it! We're doing Easter pics for Brigid in a couple of weeks, so, of course, I had to get her Easter outfit lined up waaaay in advance :)

  4. haha, too funny. but those are THE CUTEST little outfits ever. polka dots, gingham, stripes? she's going to be the best dressed girl around!!!



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