Thursday, March 24, 2011

Layin' down the law...

I know I’ve been relying on cute little toddler pictures to get me through the last couple of weeks of my online baby booking, and I’d like to say that I will get back to the whole ‘using words to tell a story’ part of this blogging thing…

…but I would be lying.

For one thing, I find my child irresistibly adorable, and I can’t help myself. I have to post as many pictures of her as I can, so that someday I have someplace to come back to, where I can remind myself that yes, this obnoxious teenager who is currently residing in my house was, at one time, the cutest stinkin’ baby on earth. I like to think ahead, you know.

For another, I actually started this blog as a way to keep my family updated on Brigid’s development, because I am TERRIBLE at the communication thing, and four months after the fact, I’d finally get around to telling them that yes, in fact, Brigid has learned to walk, and didn’t I mention that to you when it happened? Oh…no? Huh. It’s a mystery.

And while my mom and dad do think my story-telling is wonderful, they’d sell me to the gypsies in a heartbeat if it meant more pictures of their granddaughter. And I would make an awful gypsy.

So, they get their pictures.

And finally, my schedule for the next couple of months? It. Is. Ridiculous.

Here, let me lay it out for you…

This weekend, Steve’s aunt and cousin are in town. Next weekend, we have my parents (YAY!!!). Then there’s an off weekend, before we head to Florida for a couple of days. Then, it’s Easter, a bachelorette/bridal shower weekend, Mother’s Day, a wedding, a free weekend, and another wedding. And then it’s June.

And while I am excited for each and every event that is coming, there are certain things like laundry and housecleaning and sitting on my couch watching trashy television that will need to be fit in there somewhere. So, I will take lots of pictures. I will post them all here. I will add a sentence or two when I feel up to it.

And you will like it. I hope…

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  1. More pictures of B?!

    I'll be here, every step, rooting you on, and wishing I had the strength to shorten my words and do laundry, instead!


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