Monday, March 7, 2011

What do you do when the weather is nasty?

Why, you go to the mall, of course!

I'm really amazed by my kid, sometimes. I swear, I was blessed with the greatest and most wonderful child in the history of children. Not only was she a total trooper through an extended shopping experience at Macy's (who happened to be having one of their ONE DAY SALES! and who can shop quickly at a one day sale?), she was perfectly pleasant through our food court lunch (I swear, anybody walking by would think we were feeding our kid the WORST. LUNCH. EVER. because the only thing on her tray was Chick-Fil-A chicken nuggets and french fries, but she had fruit, too, I promise. She just really, really likes her fruit and managed to shove it in her mouth quicker than I could get it on her tray.), she hung in during our trip to the American Girl store, and she didn't destroy anything while we were at the Disney store. Then, even though she'd skipped her morning nap and was beyond overdue for her afternoon nap, she happily stayed awake for the drive home, before sleeping the afternoon away in her room (I had big fears of a twenty minute nap in the car, followed by a cranky afternoon), allowing Steve and I to watch one heck of a Notre Dame basketball game without too much interruption.

And THEN! She slept until almost 10:00am on Sunday morning.

Seriously. We must have been very, very good people in a former life.

And if you're reading this post through a feed, make sure to stop by my actual site today, to check out all of the changes that took place this weekend.  A HUGE thanks to Kimmie at Blue Paper Lanterns for the redesign. She is BEYOND amazing!


  1. I LOVE the new look of your site!! I desperately need help with mine. Although my husband is a computer guru, he's been to busy to help and I'm at a loss! lol

    I'd have to say, YES!! You are blessed. Shopping days like that are rare with my toddler!

  2. Wow, Kimmie did a great job, your site looks awesome!

    What a perfectly sweet little angel that girl is, for a perfectly sweet little momma. :) Glad you had such a great day!

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