Tuesday, March 1, 2011


I don't know what it is about Brigid and pictures. She went through a phase a couple of months ago where, whenever the camera came out, she'd ham it up like a little nut, resulting in a rather large number (link to one of those picture posts) of squinty eyed, scrunchy faced, cheesy smiled pictures that were maybe the cutest things I'd ever seen.

I loved that phase!

But now? When the camera comes out? She runs. Or hides her face. Or starts crying. And I don't get it.

I mean, she knows what to do. The other day? She posed and smiled the sweetest little smile at me, while I PRETENDED to take pictures of her, because her impromptu photo shoot took place when I had neither camera or camera phone on my person. And this went on for TEN MINUTES!

When I'm standing in front of her with the actual camera?


Of course, the beauty of digital cameras is that I can take a zillion of those pictures, just to end up with five like this...

It probably goes without saying, but man, I love this kid!
Onesie: Old Navy
Skirt: Made by Kimberly!


  1. Oh, do I know this phase!! My little man will be three in a month and he does the same little squinty eyed, scrunchy nosed smile. And when trying to get both he AND his baby sis to cooperate for a pic, its nearly impossible! lol Yours turned out great though. She sure is a cutie!

  2. GoodNESS she is cute!!! I seriously can't stand it. That last picture is my favorite and I love that skirt!

    Come take a look inside A Working Mom's Closet

  3. so cute...love her skirt and her many faces!!

  4. She is PRECIOUS, girl! She's really starting to look a heck of a lot like her Mommy!!!

  5. Such a cute skirt. Good job Kimberly! :)

    I think she totally looks like you, tara!


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