Thursday, August 30, 2012

26-Week Update

I have this pregnancy tracking app on my iPhone that updates me on the baby's progress each week, while also offering 'helpful' tips each day about what I should be eating, why it's normal that I feel like I should just move into the bathroom since I spend most of my time in there anyway, and how my weight gain should be progressing. It's annoying, really, all of those shoulds, but it has a nice countdown the the due date, so I just focus on that part.

Anyway, one of those daily tips that recycles through every few weeks is the reminder that I should be tracking pregnancy memories along the way, since I will want to remember this whole experience someday in the future.

Well, you want a pregnancy memory, iPhone app? Have I got a pregnancy memory for you...

I went into the doctor's office today for my gestational diabetes bloodwork test (to make sure I don't have it, as is standard procedure), and the took belly measurements, to see where I was along the progress chart, size-wise. I will be 26 weeks along tomorrow, but today?


I measured ahead with Brigid, too, but the most I EVER hit was two weeks ahead. Now I'm at FOUR?!?!


I even made the NP measure a second time, because COME ON. And still...30 weeks.

She said since the baby measured normal at the last ultrasound, there's really nothing to worry about, so there's that. But at this rate, by the time the end of my pregnancy comes around, someone will need to roll me from place to place, because I will be just one large ball of pregnancy belly.

That should be a good look for me, no?


  1. Yeah, I did that. But I had to go in for ultrasounds twice to make sure things were fine. They were, I had tons of fluid which is why I measured so bug. But it did even out toward the end and I wasn't measuring 44 at 40 weeks. :)

  2. I figure that if you end up being one large ball of belly, you can just roll yourself, since you will be cylindrical.


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