Monday, August 13, 2012

Baby's first...broken nose?

The day of the accident:
The day after the accident:
So, Brigid fell yesterday. Apparently, with a blanket in one hand and a toy in the other, she didn't have a free hand when she tripped over someone else, so she broke her fall with her nose. I was in the other room when it happened, and all I heard was a thump, followed by a pretty prolonged wail. By the time I got to her, a few seconds later, there was already a line of bruising across the bridge of her nose. I'm going to take it as a good sign that the bruising never progressed to her eyes, but we're still keeping a close watch on her, to make sure that when the swelling is completely gone in a day or two, nothing looks off-kilter on that cute little nose of hers. Otherwise, we're looking at a trip to the doctor to get a broken nose reset.

Let's all just hope it doesn't come to that, ok?


  1. oh no...I will keep my fingers crossed it is not broken!!

  2. Poor Brigid. And poor you guys too, it's probably hurting you more than her at this point.

  3. she is so adorable, so was her nose broken at all?


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