Tuesday, August 28, 2012

School Days

Last night, Steve and I went to a parent orientation meeting for Brigid's preschool (a small class of almost three-year olds run by the church right across the street from our house).

Tomorrow, Steve, Brigid, and I are all heading to that preschool (again, small class, two teachers, a tenth of a mile away from us) for an hour of teacher/classmate meet-and-greet time.
Friday, we will be expected to drop Brigid off at that preschool (right across the street, seriously), and LEAVE HER THERE FOR THREE WHOLE HOURS WITHOUT US AND WHAT WERE WE THINKING AND OMG HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO DEAL WITH THIS?!?!?!?
You guys...

This is NOT going to be a good experience for me, is it?

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  1. You can still back out! Just keep her tiny forever!


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