Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Brigid Says...

I cuddle with you, now. Cuz daddy's not home today.

Have I mentioned lately how much of a daddy's girl this kid is? I hope I have better luck winning over the second one...


Wait for I!!

Mommy bought that for I.

Me want a snack.

Trying to explain the difference between 'me' and 'I' in various grammar situations hasn't actually been the most successful thing we've undertaken in this kid's life...


Because me 'ike it.

The perfect answer to everything from 'why did you kiss that boy?' to 'why did you poop in your pants in the middle of the grocery store, then not tell me until you'd been rolling around in the cart for awhile?' to 'why didn't you TELL ME you needed to go potty instead of peeing all over the neighbor's carpet, you heathen?!?!?'.

Not that ANY of those questions have ever been asked of our dear, sweet angel, mind you...


My kitty cat not happy. My kitty cat sad because he no have mommy cat.

Guess which almost three-year old DIDN'T have to fall asleep on her own, last night, because she knows how to play her mother like a fiddle and managed to con said mother into sitting with her until she fell asleep?

Who wants to tell me why I'm not the favorite, again?!?


  1. She's an awfully cute little thing. Even if she doesn't like you.

  2. She's spectacular. :) The daddy's girl phase will pass and you'll be #1. Trust me.


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