Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A few more...

(I forgot to include these in my list of current Brigid-isms yesterday. And heaven forbid I ever forget them, because then I won't be able to tease her mercilessly for them at some point in the future. And that's what parenting memories are all about, right?)

My legs not working.

Translation: I don't want to do whatever it is that you want me to do, I'd rather just roll around on the floor and whine right now. But if you offer me ice cream or a cookie? It might just fix my legs...


Lay here with me a couple while.

Wait a couple while.

Me want to play in here a couple while.

This one is probably mostly my fault, because I think it's HILARIOUS that she combines 'a couple minutes' and 'a little while' into one phrase, and I ABSOLUTELY REFUSE TO CORRECT HER. Ever.

And really, who could blame me?


  1. Jacob asks to play for a couple while all the time!

  2. Despite the fact that my ex-husband and I are still very good friends, I do get annoyed when he corrects our daughter on certain phrases or words. I think it's ADORABLE when she says some things incorrectly and I don't want her to grow out of this phase yet...

  3. Elizabeth has lots of things that I refuse to correct her on because they are so cute. I've even started saying them that way myself so she doesn't figure it out.

  4. Jack wanted me to carry him so I asked him if his legs were broken jokingly. The next day he was tired and said my legs are broken, carry me!!


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