Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Long October

I know I've said this before, but it deserves repeating: my husband and I are BIG Halloween people.

Well, Steve is a big Halloween person. I just like any opportunity to decorate my house in crazy ways, and after several years of marriage, he finally pulled me away from the cutesy fun of Happy Halloween, Y'all! (which was the extent of my neighbors' decorating plans last year and also very nearly the end of our friendship, sadly) (ok, no, not really...but don't think we haven't considered decorating their house for them, just to keep up appearances) and into the dark and creepy side of things.

And honestly, I'm sad I'd never given in before. Because giving into a haunted house meant several husband-sanctioned shopping trips to creepify the place up all that much more. And that is ALWAYS a fun time...

But beyond our crazy obsession, Brigid was always ok with this. The creepy stuff just didn't seem to bother her, at all. I mean, this is the kid who had a Nightmare Before Christmas themed second birthday and latched on to a fake skull as something she HAD TO HAVE on a shopping trip to Target. As long as it didn't jump out at her suddenly, it was cool.

Unfortunately, I think that easy-going luck of ours may have finally and fully run out, as my poor kid began to cry HYSTERICALLY in a Hallmark store today when she caught sight of Snoopy in a Halloween mask.

Snoopy. In a Halloween mask.

Hysterical tears of fear.

This probably means she's not going to be a huge fan of the zombie farmers on our front porch come October, doesn't it?

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