Monday, May 17, 2010

Baby’s first freak-out swim.

The weather was supposed to be nice this past weekend. We were looking at mid-80s, mostly sunny, maybe a chance of rain here and there. But mostly, sunny. And humid. Atlanta humid. So we decided to pack up the Durango with the kid and the dogs, and we headed north to the lake. Because she will be spending a lot of time around water while she’s growing up, and Steve and I want to get her acclimated early, we wanted to see how Brigid would react to her first trip to Steve’s parents’ pool.

I’m going to go ahead and spoil the ending of this story for you…she did not react well.

I don’t know if maybe the water was too cold for her, or if there was just too much of it, but, uh, she let us know in a hurry that she was having none of it.

And things started out so well!

We had all of the gear. We were dressed the part!

But, there was still a little hesitation about what was coming.

What isn’t pictured here? The heartbreakingly adorable crumpled face and protruding lower lip that appeared the moment Steve got into the water with her. You know, the look that pretty much guarantees she is going to get anything and everything she wants, because mommy is most definitely not built to withstand all of that cuteness. At least not right now. I hope I get there eventually, though. I would like my child to be a little more well-behaved than my dogs, and I’m assuming giving in to her every time she breaks out the lower lip is not the way to accomplish that.

Also not pictured here? Me running into the pool with a towel to wrap her up and cuddle her until she stopped crying. Shut up. I can still get away with it while she’s this age! I swear I’ll stop by the time she’s ten. Sixteen, at the latest.

Maybe I can convince Steve to be the strict parent in the family.



This is what we ended up with…happy baby, not touching the water in any way, shape, or form.

Oh well. Maybe next time…

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  1. My family still tells stories about my bad reaction to water!


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