Monday, May 3, 2010

So this is what 'no part of the planning process' means?

What happens when you decide that the Kentucky Derby seems like as good of an excuse as any to have people over to the house for a low-key cook-out that your husband claims he wants no part of planning? Then your husband decides that burgers and chips and a vegetable tray and assorted carbonated beverages and horses on the big screen do not a proper Derby party make? You end up with a set of these:

You also end up with a stuffed Secretariat doll as your centerpiece and cardboard shavings around the house from a motorized hat of the horses running the Derby, put together by the same husband who wanted no part of the planning. And mint juleps. And leftover Derby pie. And 75 pounds of meat from the Sausage Chalet. Because they’re only open one Saturday a month! And there’s a minimum purchase amount if you use a debit card! And plain old burgers just don’t cut it around here. It’s like that time I wanted to bake and decorate Christmas cookies, but Steve decided I didn’t put enough effort into the icing of the cookies, so he took over. And I took them into work, and everyone talked about how great they looked. Just like professional cookies from a bakery! And Steve was all smug. And all I could think was, they’d have tasted just as good my way, and it wouldn’t have taken an entire day to decorate them!

Of course, because every girl needs an outfit to match her Derby hat, you also end up with this:

And really, who doesn’t want more of that?

Well done, Steve. Well done.

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