Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Conversations from last night's concert...

Before the concert

Me: I love you, but I think I should have held out for someone a little dirtier or scruffier than you.

Steve: I didn't wear deoderant today, if that helps.


During band #1

Me: If this band was a little older, I'd totally have a crush on the lead singer. He has great hair. But I don't, because it would be a felony.


During band #2

Me: I love this band. They're like Elvis, if Elvis played hard rock.

Steve: So they're nothing like Elvis?


Steve: Every heavy metal band should just do covers of hair ballads.


During band #3

Steve: Hey, is that Kristin Stewart up there singing?

Me: Um, no. But I think she totally looks like that Carly chick from American Idol a couple of seasons ago.

Steve (after playing with his iPhone for a few minutes): That's because it is that Carly chick from American Idol up there.

Me: Huh. I'm a little embarrassed that I knew that.


During band #4

Steve: I just told people we were coming to see your favorite heavy metal band.

Me: They're not heavy metal, they sing love songs.

Steve: They sing about death.

Me: Yes, love songs about death.

Steve: Heavy metal is just easier to say.


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