Monday, May 24, 2010

She's ready for her close-up...

We took Brigid to get pictures taken on Saturday, heading in for another visit with the photographer that took her newborn pictures at three weeks. And once again, it was an experience.

When we did the newborn pictures, we knew what we were getting into. We knew it wouldn't be too hard to pose Brigid however we wanted to, because at three weeks, she wasn't really going too far on her own. We knew Steve and I were going to be in the pictures, holding the baby. And we knew there was going to be a lot of nekkid baby, which meant we, holding said baby, were probably going to get hit with whatever a nekkid baby produces when she's not wearing a diaper. And oh boy, did we ever get hit. We got hit about four times in the first 30 minutes we were there, as a matter of fact. So that was a good time. Or not. Whatever.

But I wasn't really as sure what to expect at seven months. I knew there would be clothes involved this time. Steve and I weren't going to be part of the pictures again. And Brigid actually smiles now, if she's in the mood, so I figured we'd be working hard to get some good shots.

Unfortunately, it turns out it was a little more like the first trip than I'd expected. We did several pictures in cute dresses, which I'm ridiculously excited to see. We did a round in her ND onesie. There were chandeliers and buckets and cute headbands all over the place. But we also did more of the pictures sans diaper, which ended up having the same result it had last time. Shocking. My kid? She is TROUBLE!! All day, she held it in just fine. We take off the diaper for pictures? She promptly peed everywhere. Ok, I get that. That happens. But when she was done with that? As I was picking her up to clean the pee off of her? Oh yeah, she let a little something extra drop. It was like the gingerbread man in Shrek...gum drops just falling out behind her as she moved. Luckily, I was holding her out away from me at the time, because, you know, there was pee. So everything else she shared with the group landed harmlessly on the floor. The photographer thought it was hilarious. Turns out, it doesn't happen to her all that often. Between the poop on the floor, the fact that Brigid tried to shred and eat every blanket the photographer was using for the pictures, and her seeming intent to pull the flowers off of the headbands the photographer provided, we may not be invited back for the next round.

And honestly? Between the constant readiness to catch her if she fell over, the nonstop attempts by her to roll herself into the opposite of whatever pose we wanted a picture of, and the nonstop singing and dancing and noises needed to get her to smile, I don't know if I want to be invited back again. This whole process was exhausting!

I just hope these pictures turn out to be worth it!

Oh, who am I kidding? Of course they're going to be worth it...

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