Monday, May 10, 2010

Does this mean I have to give back my Mother's Day gifts?

Guess who's parents are going to Florida in June, and invited her to go along?

And guess who decided she'd be stupid to pass up the chance to see her family at half the travel time, with a beach thrown in to boot?

And guess who decided to take the baby with her on said trip?

And guess who has a husband that just started a new job in February and is down a couple of vacation days as a result, so he won't be going on the trip to Florida?

And guess who just realized today that the vacation (which is a Wednesday to Wednesday trip) happens to cover the weekend that Father's Day falls on? The first Father's Day for the husband at home and the baby on the beach?

And guess who has two thumbs and feels like a terrible wife?

That's right...this guy!

Oh boy.

And in other news, completely unrelated to me and my terrible planning skills...

Happy birthday, Jess! Love you lots! You're my favorite little sister. Just don't tell Mary...

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  1. Ah, Father's Day is just a can do a fun little celebration before/after with just the same affect!


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