Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Baby's second swim - the downsized edition

Last week, I documented the monumental failure we faced trying to get Brigid in the pool for the first time. Apparently, when there’s water everywhere, and it’s a little colder than you’re used to, and you can’t just sit on your butt and splash around at will, the whole concept of a pool sucks. But, when there’s a baby pool on your back porch filled with about four inches of water that has been sitting in the sun for two hours, then it’s awesome! It’s like taking a bath! Outside! In a bathtub the dogs are trying to drink out of!

Clearly, this child is in the hands of terrible, unfeeling parents when the only water toy we have in the entire house is a rubber ducky. I should probably work on that...

Can I just say what a pain it is to spend 20 minutes switching diapers and changing clothes and adding sunscreen all for 15 minutes in the water? What are the odds I even get to see the ocean when I go to Florida in June?

Wait, don't answer that...

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