Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Disney and Sesame Street? You are SO on my list now...

Brigid is becoming amazingly cognizant of her surroundings these days, which I guess is to be expected at the almost 10-month mark. But I think I've come to realize that the kid has more of a selective recognition of things than I thought she would. Obviously, I thought her first associations would be of me and Steve, because, you know, mom and dad should be the most important thing to a baby, like, EVER. Right? Right?!?!?


I'm not entirely sure that Brigid could pick Steve and I out of a line-up, truth be told. Yes, she gets excited when we come home from work. Yes, when she hears our voices or sees us coming from another room, she goes into a full body wiggle of excitement that includes waving arms and squealy giggles. But if you ask her, 'Where's mommy?', or tell her, 'Wave to daddy!', you get nothing. No response. No waves. Nothing.

Now, you change that to 'Where's Elmo?' or 'Wave to Elmo!', and that's a horse of a different color. You'd better believe she knows exactly where Elmo is, whether she's waving like a madman at the Elmo bubble blower that has become a permanent fixture on our kitchen counter or pulling down her t-shirt to show us where his picture is. And I get it. I'm not offended. Elmo is an adorable fuzzy red monster. I can't compete with that.

But THEN!!!

Then, I get home last night, and Brigid is playing with Steve in the family room, dressed in an adorable Tigger onesie. And Steve looks at me with a smirk, and says 'Hey, watch this...Brigid, where's Tigger?'

And wouldn't you know it? That little snot looked right down at her stomach, grabbed at Tigger's face, and pulled her t-shirt out to show me just exactly where Tigger was.

Awesome. Or not, considering she still wouldn't look for me when asked.

But it's fine. I'm over it. If that's how she wants to play it, that's how she wants to play it. I understand now. Woo for Tigger! Woo for Elmo! Eh, whatever, for mom and dad.

Whatever makes you happy, dear.

Just make sure you let me know how good Tigger and Elmo are at getting your dinner together tonight, ok?

PS: Yes, I am bitter about this situation. But no, I'm not so bitter that I won't feed my child dinner tonight in protest against her obvious preference for fuzzy cartoon characters over her own mother.

Also, I'm not so bitter that I feel the need to buy my own giant red t-shirt with Elmo's face on it like some people (named STEVE), in an attempt to bribe my daughter to like me more.

Well, not yet, at least. I'll have to see how effective it is for him, first...


  1. You're feeding her tonight? Awesome...I thought it was my night...guess I WILL go to that happy hour after all...Thanks Honey!

  2. hahaha. oh Steve, you're gonna be in so much trouble!!!!!!!

    Madison won't wave yet for me. She could care less!! Very frustrating!
    What kind of table foods are you guys trying to feed Brigid?? I'm running out of ideas!!!!!!


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